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The top 3 Brisket BBQ Rubs to buy


What many consider to be the holy grail of outdoor BBQ and smoking is the beef brisket. It has that reputation because of the bold beef flavor and incredible texture. From competitions to BBQ restaurants to the weekend home, warrior brisket is challenging to cook; you need to be picky on the actual brisket, the cooking temperatures, and the time. But one of the most important aspects is the rub. Traditionally Salt & Pepper were all that was required, but with so many incredible rubs that add a bit to the flavor, it's hard to pick the right one. 

Here's our top 3 favorite brisket rubs:


Salt Lick Original

The Salt Lick is a very well known Central Texas institution. Gaining massive popularity from TV stars such as Bobby Flay and Duff Goldman, and others, the restaurant is now MASSIVE in size and popularity. They go through almost a million pounds of brisket every year, for an average-sized brisket that's 1,500 briskets every week!

You'd think with serving that many slices of brisket, they would have a great rub. And that's a correct thought. I'm personally not a huge fan of their food, but their rub is by far my favorite on a brisket. Big, bold black pepper flavor comes out with every bite, and the bark it creates is incredible in color and density.  

12 oz Shaker Bottle - $9.95

 Quick Overview:

  • This has been our go-to heavy beef rub for years.

  • Very heavy and intense black pepper.

  • Very low in sugar (if any).  Not heavy on salt.


Meat Church - Holy Cow

Another Texas rub. This one comes from a great pitmaster by the name of Matt Pittman. After winning multiple competitions and appearing on many TV shows, Matt released his rubs line, and they are excellent. The most popular rub is named Voodoo, but the one that shines for us is Holy Cow.
This rub is pretty similar to Salt Lick's; although not as bold, it has a better balance of flavors. Holy Cow creates a fantastic bark that you can still see the large pieces of pepper, garlic, and seasonings after the brisket is finished cooking.

12 oz Shaker Bottle - $9.95

Quick Overview:

  • Perfect balance of black pepper, garlic, and salt

  • Multiple uses other than brisket (works great on turkey breast)

  • Not as "spicy" as other brisket rubs


TXQ - 512

TXQ is a small boutique rub manufacture in South Texas. Their rubs are named after different area codes in Texas. 512 happens to be the Austin area, and Austin is known for the best brisket in the country. The rubs produced by TXQ are all great and slightly different than other major brands on the market.This rub has produced many first-place winners due to its slightly different flavoring than your traditional central Texas brisket.  What it lacks in black pepper is made up of other spices such as chili powder. When you're looking for a great tasting brisket that is not heavy on black pepper, this can't be beaten! 

12 oz Shaker Bottle - $11.00

Quick Overview:

  • Least amount of black pepper

  • More seasonings than a typical brisket rub

  • Huge chunks of garlic

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