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About Us

Hi everyone!  I'm Blake Boyd and you've found my little hide out from the real world.  You see I have a problem... I smoke, grill and cook in my Boerne, Texas backyard way too often.  I developed this condition around 21 years ago and can't find a way to solve it. 

I started this journey with an offset Lyfe Tyme (which is a great pit) and have been using anything and everything since then.  These days I do prefer to use a Big Green Egg more than anything else, but does it really matter?  

So why "Relaxed" instead of "Back Yard BBQ Guy"?  I spend a lot of time reading online discussions on how to do this and do that and this isn't right and that's wrong.  Well I have to say... just RELAX.  Make yourself a cold drink and cook that 'que. 

So now I have to admit I have another problem.  You see, I also cook a quite a bit and I'm one of those cooks that writes absolutely nothing down and go by what I think will work.  Naturally people ask me for the "recipe" and I inevitably forget to mention half of what I did.  I'm hoping RelaxedBBQ is going to solve that problem and everyone benefits!

If you take a look at the recipes page, you'll see that I'm not trying to make the OMG best brisket, butt or ribs ON THE INTERNET.  I'm trying to show everyone how I make a meal during the weeknight, or a special meal for my one and only.  My goal is to bring BBQ into an actual meal that you can add to your "normal" rotation of weekly meals.  

The rubs on this site are rubs that I've personally use and like, of course not everyone has the same tastes but I guarantee you'll find something you like.  Since I'm based in Texas there's quite of few smaller time vendors from the area.  Another part of my "hobby" is trying out rubs from competition BBQ teams, those guys come up with some great stuff.

Take a look around, drop a comment if you'd like and buy some rubs if you're so inclined! 



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